Discover my latest achievements.

Screen lit by environment

Blender scene rendered in real-time (1 fps) with the environment lighting captured by a fisheye lens.

The blender file is available here:



Latte art generation by adversarial neural network and NFT minting .

The complete list of CryptoLatte is available here:


Trading Bot competition

Organisation and programming of a framework for a trading bot competition by the ULaval IEEE student branch.

Synthetic stock market data generation, stock market simulation and visualisation of stocks and participants’ wallets in real-time.


3D rasterizing engine

Automatic Deck constructor project.

3D engine running on CPU with phong illumination, textures (albedo, normal and roughness), transparence, wireframe, shadows, camera et light movement and STL file interactions.

Application available here:


Coulombic molecules simulator

Project linked to a university course on general chemistry to help students

Web application with graphical interface to create molecules, observe perturbations and coupling effects, with computations and the equations behind them.

Application available here:


Generation and visualization of point clouds with vector fields

Internship at the Computer Vision and Systems Laboratory.

Generation of vector fields from point cloud, visualization of data per layer and with a raycasting engine and generation of b-splines per types of surface.

Full report available in french only:


Texture generation

Computational photography class project

Generation of textures (albedo, normal and height) from a set of images.

Full report available in french only:


Images Morphing

Computational photography class project

Geometric morphing from one image to another

Full report available in french only:


Tetris Artificial Intelligence.

A personal project based on a competition solving a Tetris game.

Simulation of every possible rotation and position and calculation of score of resultant grid based on the following characteristics:

•Sum of heights

•Number of covered holes

•Adjacent heights difference

•Number of complete lines

•Series of almost complete lines

Next step: implementation of genetic algorithm to better optimize the weight of each characteristic.

Interactive bus itinerary.

A school project calculating the fastest route by bus between two points taken a step further by integrating it in a web application.

•Development of a C++ class extracting local GTFS information

•Organizing the data in an adjacent graph class

•Implementation of a fast Dijkstra fastest route algorithm

•Python with Flask application interacting with C++ program to display the bus route

Concatenation Voice synthesis.

A personal project synthesizing english sentences by concatenation of phonemes.

•Flask web application using Python to interface with the program

•Decomposing sentences into words and words into phonemes using open source phoneme English dictionary

•Approximate pronunciation of unknown words using parts of words

•Adding recorded phonemes sounds to produce output audio

Next step: I have started developing a modified program to synthesize the phonemes using fundamental voice frequencies to which a filter with dominant formants is applied.

Pottery Wheel.

Building an electric wooden pottery wheel from recycled parts.

•Wiper Motor connected to an old power supply

•Ball bearings used to stabilize the platform

Next step: Become a master at pottery and make bowls for family members!